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We Do This Every Shingle Day!

Roof Rejuvenation: Will It Really Add Years to My Roof? 

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Roof Rejuvenation Is a Lower Cost Alternative to a Replacement

Roofs wear down over time, as damage builds up and elements like heat, rain, wind, and more take their toll over the years. As your roof ages and deteriorates, it becomes more and more likely that you’ll need a roof replacement. Roof repairs can add a year or two to the lifespan of an old roof, but will still lead to a replacement. That’s where roof rejuvenation comes in, as a lower cost alternative to a full roof replacement.

Roof rejuvenation uses a revolutionary roofing product to bring your aging roof back to life. At Raw Roofing solutions, we often recommend roof rejuvenation in situations where a roof repair is called for, as it is a longer-lasting and often more cost-effective solution. If your roof is beginning to look ugly and worn out, here’s why you should schedule an inspection to determine if your roof is a candidate for roof rejuvenation.

What Is Roof Rejuvenation?

Roof rejuvenation is a form of roof repair or restoration that revitalizes your roof and adds several years onto its lifespan. The roof rejuvenation system we use, from Ugly Roof, is a bio-based oil formula that is applied to the outer surface of your roof. This product adds a protective seal to your roof, providing greater durability and protection from the elements. 

It also improves the color of your roof; roofs fade over time from darker to lighter, and this sealant will make your roof closer to its original installation color. Overall, roof rejuvenation works to add new life to an aging roof compared to a basic roof repair.

Cost of a Roof Rejuvenation

While a roof rejuvenation will cost more than an isolated roof repair, it also typically costs 20–25% less than the cost of a full roof replacement. At the same time, a roof rejuvenation will typically last for at least 5–10 years or even longer, providing a better long-term investment for the cost compared to a roof repair. 

At Raw Roofing Solutions, we help to improve the cost benefits even further by covering all roof rejuvenation projects with a 5-year labor and materials warranty. This helps bring greater peace of mind for our customers and further protect your investment in your roof.

Does Roof Rejuvenation Work?

Roof rejuvenation is a proven and highly-effective strategy for extending the lifespan of your home’s roof. Rather than fully replacing, you can keep your existing shingles and breathe new life into your roofing system, helping prolong its lifespan for many years. 

In addition to revitalizing your roof, this service also adds increased protection. The roof rejuvenation product we install has been thoroughly lab- and field-tested. Through testing, the Ugly Roof system has been demonstrated to improve protection against hail, add greater fire resistance, and improve adhesion of asphalt granules—the protective outer layer of an asphalt shingle roof—by more than 85%.

Is My Roof a Candidate?

Not all roofs can be rejuvenated, but many can. In general, the ideal candidates for this service are asphalt shingle roofs that are at least 10–15 years old, as this is when weathering often begins to take hold. Signs that you may need a roof rejuvenation include:

  • Excessive asphalt granule loss (look in your gutters and on the ground near your roof line)
  • Faded shingle color
  • Dark or black streaks on your roof
  • Visibly damaged shingles, including cracking and curling

For younger roofs that are only a few years old, a roof rejuvenation will likely not be necessary or cost effective. In the event that roofs of around 5 years old become damaged, a roof repair will likely be sufficient to restore your roof and protect your home. 

On the other hand, roof rejuvenation also cannot resolve major, widespread damage or deeper structural issues. If your roof has multiple leaks, has been severely damaged by a storm, or shows signs of major problems (such as sagging), a replacement is likely the best solution. However, no matter what the age of your roof, it’s best to consult with a roofing professional before making any major decisions about your roof!

Raw Roofing: Your Go-To Roof Rejuvenation Professionals

At Raw Roofing Solutions, our philosophy is to provide the best roofing solutions possible for our customers. We’re always looking for the most cost-effective and innovative ways to help homeowners get the most from their roofing system while providing roofing solutions that ensure their families are well protected from the elements.

We frequently recommend roof rejuvenation as an ideal solution that provides excellent long-term value for the cost. Roof rejuvenation helps protect roofs for years to come while enhancing durability and making your roof look beautiful again. 

If your roof is beginning to show its age, the experienced professionals at Raw Roofing Solutions can help! Get in touch with us today to schedule an inspection and find out if your roof is a candidate for our roof rejuvenation services.

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