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We Do This Every Shingle Day!

Multi-Family Roof Installation Contractor In Mentor, OH

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Your Contractor for Multi-Family Roof Installation

Owners and property managers of multi-family housing complexes need a commercial roofing contractor they can count on for roof replacements and repair services. Multi-family buildings have large, complex roofs that require a highly skilled and experienced contractor to build and maintain.

At Raw Roofing Solutions, we cover roofing from all angles, from protecting your home to maintaining the roof of your business. Our roofing services extend to multi-family buildings, with an experienced team of roofing professionals who know how to complete a multi-family roofing system that will protect your tenants and your investment.

If you’re looking for a roofing contractor to complete your multi-family roof installation project, contact the experts at Raw Roofing Solutions for an estimate!

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Careful Planning, Every Step of the Way

With multi-family roofing projects, there are numerous moving parts that must be accounted for. Only a highly skilled, methodical roofing contractor can successfully complete a multi-family roof installation on time, within budget, and without major disruptions—and that’s exactly what we provide here at Raw Roofing Solutions. From the very beginning of your project, we’ll communicate with you to understand your needs and budget before making recommendations for your roofing system. Each housing complex and property owner has different needs, from ideal material lifespan and cost to durability and sustainability. It’s also crucial to remember that while multi-family complexes are commercial in scale, they’re home to many tenants. This means it’s important to work efficiently and according to a predictable schedule in order to minimize disruptions to the daily lives of your tenants.

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3 Signs It’s Time for a Multi-Family Roof Replacement

Replacing the roof of a multi-family housing complex is no small undertaking, so it’s important to make sure it’s the right time. Here are three signs that you need to contact a professional multi-family roof installation contractor.

Your Roofs Are Aging or Damaged
Every roof has an expected lifespan, whether it’s made from asphalt shingles, tile, or metal. If the roofs in your multi-family housing complex are nearing the end of their life, it’s time to start thinking about a replacement. This is similarly true if your multi-family property was significantly damaged during a storm or other weather event. Delaying a needed replacement can leave properties vulnerable to leaks, which results in more damage and expenses incurred over time.

Repair Costs Are Starting to Add Up
When your multi-family roof becomes damaged, replacement isn’t necessarily the only option! Timely, proactive roof repairs are the key to maximizing the return on investment of your roof and extending its lifespan. However, repairs become less and less cost-effective with time, becoming more expensive and shorter-lived as your roof ages. If repair costs are increasing year over year, it may be time to get in contact with a multi-family roof installation contractor.

You’re Looking to Make Improvements
Successful owners of multi-family housing know that maintaining the appearance and functionality of their property is a full-time job. As roofs age, your buildings begin to lose their curb appeal, and installing a new multi-family roofing system can refresh the look of your rental properties.

In addition, if you’re looking to make improvements or expansions to your property, it’s important to keep the roofing consistent. Pairing brand new roofing with roofing that’s 10 years old or more is sure to clash. If you’re making an addition to your multi-family complex, a new roof installation is likely in order as well.

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What to Look for in a Multi-Family Roof Installation Contractor

Getting the best roofing solutions for your multi-family property starts with choosing the right contractor for the job. A few key qualities to look for include:

Roofers who prioritize safety should be high on your list of contractors to handle your multi-family roofing project. This includes taking steps to protect their workers, to protect tenants, and to build high-quality roofing systems that you can rely on for years to come.

Make sure you only consider multi-family roofing contractors with a focus on the safety of everyone on premise. 

Experience is key with any roofing projects, but especially when it comes to multi-family roofing. A full multi-family roof installation is a major undertaking, and an unprepared or inexperienced contractor is more likely to make errors or cause delays that create disruptions to the lives of your tenants. By selecting a seasoned multi-family roofing contractor, you can rest assured that your project will be completed with little interference on lives of your tenants. 

Working with a local roofing company provides many benefits to you as a customer. First, they’ll be able to minimize travel time to your property, cutting down on transportation costs. Local roofers are also well-versed in building codes and other regulations in your area, preventing potential issues. Finally, local roofers rely on their reputation within the community, so they’re highly motivated to do excellent work. After all, they’re owned and operated by people who live in your area, so they’re here to stay!

Why Choose Raw Roofing Solutions?

A new multi-family roofing system is a major business investment, so it’s important to trust the project to an experienced, professional roofing contractor. Raw Roofing Solutions is the go-to roofing contractor for multi-family property owners in Mentor and Northeastern Ohio thanks to our wealth of experience, roofing skill, and commitment to our core values. We’re also locally owned, locally operated, and well established in our community.

As a full-service roofing contractor, we have exactly the skills needed to complete your multi-family roof installation. Multi-family roofing projects straddle the line between residential and commercial roofing projects. Since we have experience in both areas, we’re uniquely situated to handle these commercial-scale roofing projects that demand residential roofing aesthetics and materials.

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