We Do This Every Shingle Day!

We Do This Every Shingle Day!

RAW Roofing’s Finance Options with Zero Down Payment

From Raw Roofing

Ensuring the safety and integrity of your home requires a reliable roof. However, the cost of a new roof can often feel like a daunting financial commitment. At RAW Roofing, we make it easy for homeowners to get high-quality roofing with flexible finance options.


  • RAW Roofing offers diverse roof repair and replacement finance options tailored to various budgets and preferences for homeowners.
  • The zero down payment lets homeowners start roofing projects without immediate financial strain.
  • Our financing advantages include flexible plans, stress-free application processes, and a commitment to quality materials and craftsmanship.
  • RAW Roofing’s approach ensures transparency in terms of customer-centric guidance and a straightforward roofing initiation process.

The Foundation of Home Security: A Robust Roof

Your home’s safeguarding begins with a sturdy, reliable roof. However, replacing or repairing your roof might appear financially overwhelming. RAW Roofing acknowledges this concern and commits to providing accessible, high-quality roofing solutions through tailored finance options.

Your Financial Flexibility, Our Priority

We understand that each homeowner’s financial situation is unique. RAW Roofing provides various finance options to accommodate diverse budgets and preferences. Our finance solutions help ease the financial strain of any type of roofing project.

Zero Down Payment: Facilitating Roofing Initiatives

Our mission at RAW Roofing is to ensure that top-tier roofing solutions are within reach for every homeowner. The initial costs of roofing projects can act as significant deterrents. With RAW Roofing’s zero down payment, homeowners can initiate their roofing projects without immediate financial strain.

Tailored Plans for Diverse Needs

We pride ourselves on offering various finance options tailored to individual financial circumstances. These plans offer flexible payment options, terms, and interest rates, so your roofing project can easily fit your budget.

Partnered Term Options with MOMNT

In collaboration with our trusted financing partner, MOMNT, we present three distinct term options to meet your specific needs:

12 Months @ with no payments and no interest: Ideal for shorter-term projects with manageable repayment periods.

3 Years @ 8.99%: Balancing affordability with a moderate repayment structure.

10 Years @ 8.99%: Offering longer-term financing for extensive roofing projects with comfortable payment schedules.

Attainable Monthly Payments and Favorable Interest Rates

Manageable Repayment Structures

At RAW Roofing, we know it’s important to start and continue a roofing project without causing financial stress. Our finance options are structured to ensure that the monthly payments remain manageable.

We want to help homeowners invest in a new roof or roof repair project without causing financial problems by adjusting the repayment plans.

Advantageous Interest Rates vs. Alternative Loan Options

Choosing RAW Roofing’s financing over other financial avenues, such as credit cards or traditional loans, brings forth significant advantages. Our interest rates for projects are better than credit cards or loans. These rates apply to both short-term and long-term projects. Additionally, our rates are more flexible compared to the higher rates of credit cards or loans.

Choosing our financing options allows you to get the roof your home needs without high interest charges or strict payment terms.

Why RAW Roofing’s Rates Matter

Cost-Efficiency Over Time

While financing any home improvement project involves financial commitment, the cost-efficiency of RAW Roofing’s interest rates becomes evident over time.

By choosing our financing, you not only acquire a durable and high-quality roof but also do so in a financially prudent manner, saving considerably in interest payments compared to alternative financial routes.

Budget-Friendly Solutions

Our focus on providing better interest rates ensures that homeowners have access to budget-friendly solutions. This means that you can safeguard your home’s structural integrity without compromising on other essential expenses or overburdening your budget.

Making Financial Sense with RAW Roofing’s Rates

Opting for RAW Roofing’s financing options not only guarantees a secure and lasting roof but also ensures that the financial aspect remains practical and reasonable. Investing in your home’s future security is a wise decision. This is because you can make affordable monthly payments and receive better interest rates compared to credit cards or regular loans.

Moreover, our commitment to homeowners’ safety extends beyond new roof installations. At RAW Roofing, we understand that unexpected emergencies, such as sudden roof damages, can arise. Therefore, we offer roof repair financing options, ensuring that even in urgent situations, solutions are available to maintain your home’s safety without undue financial strain.

This comprehensive approach allows homeowners the peace of mind that their residence remains protected, regardless of unforeseen circumstances. Whether it’s a planned roof replacement or an emergency repair, RAW Roofing stands ready to provide accessible and reasonable financial solutions, ensuring that your home remains a secure haven for you and your family.

The Assured Benefits of RAW Roofing’s Finance Options

Our commitment extends beyond just offering financial solutions:

Transparency in Terms

We make sure our finance options are clear and easy to understand, so you can make informed decisions confidently.

Customer-Centric Approach

The RAW Roofing team dedicates themselves to guiding you through the process. We provide expert advice and unwavering support at every step, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.

Simplified Application Process

Our finance application is simple and easy for homeowners, without any unnecessary complications or difficulties.

Conclusion: Protecting Your Home’s Future with RAW Roofing

Beginning a roofing project with RAW Roofing is a simple process. Our experienced team assists you in choosing the ideal roofing materials and navigates you through the installation process.

You can choose our finance options without making an upfront payment. This allows you to confidently invest in a new roof for your home. You don’t have to compromise on quality or strain your budget.

Get a strong and long-lasting roof for your house easily with RAW Roofing’s financing choices and no upfront payment. Contact us today to commence your roofing journey and ensure your home’s lasting security and protection!

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