We Do This Every Shingle Day!

We Do This Every Shingle Day!

Roof Financing Options
In Mentor, OH

As a trusted, local roofing company who finances, we are proud to work with a leading lender to bring you affordable roof financing options.

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Roof Financing that gives you peace of mind.

Raw Roofing: Proud to Be Among Roofing Companies That Finance

Paying for a full roof replacement or even roof repairs out of pocket can be difficult for any homeowner. Here at Raw Roofing Solutions, we aim to make roofing as easy as possible for our clients, which includes offering options to make the payment process easier. Roofing companies that finance are able to offer their customers flexible payment options that enable homeowners to pay over time, rather than all at once.

We’re proud to partner with Momnt, which enables our customers to explore flexible payment options that meet their budget without a hard credit pull.

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Advantages of Financing with Raw Roofing Solutions

Through our financing partners at Momnt, we’re able to offer a few unique benefits to our customers. We chose Momnt as our roofing financing partner because:

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Do Roofing Companies Finance?

While not all roofing companies finance, most roofers offer some form of financing option for their customers. This is a practice that makes sense not just from a business perspective, but from a customer service perspective as well.

Navigating a major roofing project can already be stressful for homeowners, but paying for a new roof can be even more so. Roofing companies that finance are in a unique position to help make the roofing process easier.

Why Might I Need Roof Financing?

Roofing companies offer financing to cover situations where a homeowner may have to pay for roofing work out of pocket. While homeowners insurance covers many types of damage and roofing issues, there are several situations in which an insurance policy may only provide partial coverage for roofing work—or even none at all. Situations where homeowners may need to pay out of pocket for a roof repair or replacement include:

Damage is from a source that wasn’t covered – Homeowners insurance policies vary in many ways, including what types of damage they cover. For instance, some policies may cover fire damage and wind damage, but not hail damage.

Your roof has been neglected – Regular roof maintenance is the key to maximizing the lifespan of your roof, but forgoing roof maintenance can also have implications for warranties or insurance coverage affecting your roof. In most cases, insurance won’t cover damage to your roof that arises due to poor maintenance.

Your roof is too old – Depending on your insurance coverage, the amount that you’re covered for may decrease over time with depreciation. Since every roof has an expected lifespan, insurance providers generally won’t cover your roof once it reaches a certain age. 

In these cases, where you’re more likely to be paying out of pocket for your roof repair or replacement, roof financing is a way for roofing companies to help ease the financial burden by spreading payments out over time.

Who Can Qualify for Roof Financing?

Nearly any homeowner can qualify for some level of roof financing, though exact coverage will depend on your financial history and income. In addition, roof financing isn’t limited to full roof replacements. Roof repairs can represent a significant out of pocket expense as well, and the flexible terms offered by our financing partner include options for smaller roofing projects.

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If you’re in need of roofing work, don’t delay a repair or replacement. Even if you aren’t able to pay for roofing work upfront, Raw Roofing Solutions offers flexible payment options through our financing partners at Momnt.

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