We Do This Every Shingle Day!

We Do This Every Shingle Day!

Project Spotlight: Auburn Hills Ohio Roof Replacement

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As a leading roofing contractor, we’re no stranger to complex roof replacement projects. Every new roof is different, presenting unique challenges and obstacles as we strive for customer satisfaction. In our Project Spotlights blog series, we’ll be sharing some of our proudest work, covering a wide range of projects.

Today’s Project Spotlights kicks off our series with something seemingly simply: a roof replacement in Auburn Hills. But as our seasoned roofers know here at Raw Roofing Solutions, even straightforward roofing projects often throw interesting curveballs. Let’s take a look!

Background & Client: A Homeowner in Auburn Hills, Ohio

Our client for this project was a homeowner in Auburn Hills, Ohio, not far from Mentor. This homeowner’s relative had worked with us in the past, and was happy enough with our work as a roofing contractor that they provided a glowing referral for this homeowner’s roof replacement. 

Even with the referral, this client had high expectations to meet—he knew exactly what he wanted and expected timely communication. Ultimately, the Raw Roofing team lived up to those standards, and he chose us for the project as a result!

The Project: Full Residential Roof Replacement

This project was fairly straightforward, in theory: our team would fully replace this home’s asphalt shingle roof. In practice, however, the project was a bit more complicated. The roof of this home was much more architecturally complex than most residential roofing systems. This roof featured multiple different slopes and pitches, as well as a number of skylights that would need to be worked around. 

A typical roof replacement will take a skilled roofing contractor around 2–3 days to complete. For this one, however, we budgeted more time and clearly communicated with our client the reasons behind the extended timeline for the project.

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Our Solution: A New GAF Roofing System

For this homeowner, we recommended GAF Timberline HDZ shingles. The Timberline series of products is among the best-selling shingles in the nation, and for good reason. These shingles look beautiful and elegant while providing top-notch protection against algae and stains, ensuring the roof would retain its gorgeous look for many years to come. 

In addition, as GAF Certified™ Contractors, we would be able to provide an extended warranty for this new roof.

The Result: A Gorgeous New Roof & Spotless Property

With the roof planned out, our team got started! We pulled the necessary permits and approvals before beginning work on this project, then began tearing the old roof off. We took care during this stage to dispose of all debris and minimize any damage to landscaping or the property.

With the old roof gone, we first installed GAF Deck Armor underlayment, then the Timberline shingles over the top. Following installation of the roof, we walked the entire project to remove all debris and put everything back in order, leaving the property exactly as we found it before starting the project.

The end result was a completely satisfied homeowner who was not only thrilled with the work on his home, but who recommended us to two other homeowners as his preferred roofing replacement contractor. Thank you for spreading the word, and we hope you enjoy your new roof!

Raw Roofing: Your Expert Roof Replacement Contractor

Raw Roofing Solutions is Northeast Ohio’s leading roof replacement contractor. With expertise across many types of roofing, from single-family homes to multifamily properties, churches, and more, our roofing experts have the skill to handle any roofing project.

We look forward to sharing more of our work right here on our blog—and who knows, your beautiful new roof could be featured next! If you’re in need of a roof replacement, you need the best roofing contractor—Raw Roofing Solutions. Contact us today to start planning your new roof.

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